juv delinquency paper

Section three discusses various factors that influence juvenile delinquency and contribute in part to the variations of delinquency evident in an individual. It is difficult, however, to categorize all by one trait. For this assignment, review the chapters discussed in section three and identify two factors that you feel are most likely to contribute to delinquency.

Ch 13- Individual Traits

Ch 14- The Family

Ch 15- The School

Ch 16- Delinquent Peers and Gangs

Compare and contrast how these traits work against or with one another to influence delinquency. Then, determine a corrective action that may be implemented to assist in lowering the prevalence of this influence. Create your own short story which can be demonstrated by a short paper (2 pages) to tell the story of a juvenile influenced by the factors that you picked and determine the outcome.

(I will attach notes from textbook for the 2 topics you pick)


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