journal 9 english

Journal #9:

Now that you’ve done all of the reading for this unit, it’s time to start thinking about your essay. Your third essay prompt asks you to closely examine this debate about the fairness of the college admissions process and think about who might be supportive of either side. I’d like you to start thinking about this in your journal for this week. What kinds of people do you think might agree with the Stauffer article that this process is unfair and benefits wealthier students? And who do you think might agree with the Hernandez article that the admissions process is fair and benefits those who work hard and value education? Why do you think each of these groups is likely to support one side of this debate over the other?

Once you’ve responded to the journal prompt, you’re going to start working on your essay. On the Assignments page on Blackboard, I’ve uploaded an outline for your third essay. Right now, the outline is pretty general—it gives you a route to follow for your paper, but it leaves out all the specifics. It only has information about what should go into each section.

This week, in addition to your journal writing, I’d like you to outline your paper using the guide that I’ve posted. You can keep the structure of the outline I’ve given you; just erase what I’ve written and add in what points you will be making in your essay. You should be able to use your journal writing for this week to help you with this since it asks a few of the same questions that your prompt does.……


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