it will be over gender race and american identity 1

Imagine you are a museum curator, but instead of carefully displaying and labeling works of art, you are curating information. Study texts to evaluate how useful they are for you when going in depth in your topic and really understand the arguments for and against your current position. Don’t just pick the first things you find on Google — your project needs to go deeper! You will need to look at many items in order to narrow down your research to the best group of texts to support your project. Search, then Re-Search. While you are reading, think about the relationship between the rhetors and their audiences. Find items on your topic to meet the following genre and currency criteria:

  • One non-fiction book no more than ten years old (e-books are permitted — see UT libraries database for extensive selections)
  • Two editorials that agree with your position published within the past two years
  • One well-written editorial that disagrees with your position published within the past two years
  • One contextualizing document appropriate for your topic such as a law case, a history, or a statistics report, (for example, if your bibliography studies the rhetoric of interracial marriage you might want to include the final decision from Loving v. Virginia). This source does not have a date requirement, but rather should be chosen based on its relevance to understanding the topic.


  • Headnote–synthesize your findings for the paper in 250-350 words proposing an argument that you anticipate writing in your final essay for the course.
  • Five (5) Research Citations and Annotations: Each annotation will be a formal entry of 175-250 words to help the reader understand the significance, relevance and importance of the source.
  • Mandatory Minimum Requirement for a D: attribution of all materials. See syllabus for grading policy details. To sum up: plagiarism results in a zero (0). For example, if somebody copies an Amazon book description instead of writing their own summary of the book, they could fail not only the assignment, but also the course.
  • Double-check your MLA citation formatting and punctuation!
  • Final Arrangement: The headnote will appear at the top of the essay after an MLA header. Then order the annotations alphabetically using MLA format.

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