it is a strategic management integration assignment

Select an organization that you can get information on and for that organization:
a. Describe the organization’s business level strategy (up to 1 page)
b. Assess the organization’s financial performance (up to 2 pages, not including financial documents)
• Include relevant financial documents (income statement and balance sheet, or other for a non-profit)
• Critically assess the organization’s financial performance
c. Describe and assess the organization’s marketing strategy (up to 2 pages)
d. Describe and assess one other important functional area strategy (up to 1 page)
• HR, Operations, etc.

Please note that the page limits are upper bounds. For example – no more than one page to describe the firms business level strategy (ex: differentiation strategy based on . . . ). If you can assess the firm’s financial performance and marketing strategy in a page each, I’m fine with that.

I recommend finding a fairly simple, non-diversified company to do this assignment on. That will allow you to provide adequate depth without exceeding page limits.


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