impact of the lack of personal protective equipment due to the covid 19

Research Topic on lack of Personal Protective Equipment

Introduction (1 – 2 paragraphs): introduce COVI19. Explain what it is, how it surfaced, where it was first identified in the US and when it became a problem in your community (when it was first identified in the U.S. /Riverside city). Also, make sure you introduce how our society responded Very important: tell me why it is a social problem and why we should care (read chapter 1 if you do not know what a social problem is)!

Body of paper (4-5 paragraphs): this is where you provide evidence of the social problem associated with COVI19. You must cite your sources and discuss/explain all citations (if applicable). Do not focus on COVI19 as the social problem, you must focus on the response that led to the social problem you have chosen. Provide dates on the information as you obtain it from social platform outlets (be care which platforms you use).You should include information from April on the social problem you have chosen (in other words, keep up to date on the social problem as it unfolds).

Analysis: (1 -2 paragraphs) restate how society responded to COVI19 and the social problem that surfaced in lieu of the response. Why it is important (why it is a social problem and why we should care).

Conclusion: Provide at least one solution to the social problem that has surfaced (not to COVI19). Make sure it is a rational, methodical solution. You must tell me how your solution will help eliminate the social problem not simply put a Band-Aid on the problem. What would you do if you were in charge of solving the problem? How would you implement the solution?

Make sure you cite at least 5 credible sources and have one source that is .gov/.edu


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