i want a research proposal on a systematic approach to analyse risks in maritime industry due to cyber attacks

NOTE: I need the research proposal on cyber attacks in shipping / maritime industry and methodology for preventing them and some preventive measures.


A research proposal should be approximately 2500 – 3000 words (excluding references, citations and tables)

You are advised to following the structure outlined below

.Table of contents
.Problem Statement
.Background(critical discussion)
.Known Risks(critical discussion)
.Source and Use of Knowledge
.Methodology(critical discussion)
.Project Plan
.Ethical, Legal, Social, Security and Professional Concerns(critical discussion)
.Project Plan(Gantt chart)

NOTE: references and citations are very important so please cite where-ever required and please use science direct, google schooler, etc for referencing


Professional Reflection (2000 words)
•Critical discussion of challenges encountered in the construction of each section of the proposal.
•Critical discussion of your interaction and use of support tutors/peers/supervisors
•Critical discussion of skills required/used for successful construction of the proposal
•Critical discussion of lessons learnt from the process and strategies to adopt to move
•Production of a professional development plan see Blackboard for suggested template.


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