i need to find articles that relate to my topic and summary the article and write the annotated bibliography

you need to find two articles satisfy the topic and do the requirements


We decided to move forward with our project focusing on misleading advertisements relating to environmental claims. As the world is becoming more aware of the damaging changes occuring in our environment, it is becoming more common to find companies appealing to customers by being environmentally friendly. This is great for giving people an incentive to support their business. However, companies may stretch the truth in regards to their environmental claims which mislead their customers into believing they are more sustainable than they actually are. Therefore, we are going to explore what allows businesses to get away with making such misleading claims relating to the environment and sustainability.

you need to find the resource from these resource:(if u need to access to the resource please let me know)

Academic journals
Journal of public policy in marketing (good source)

Journal of consumer affairs

Journal of consumer research

Journal of advertising

Journal of consumer psychology

you need to answer the questions in the summary and write down the annotated bibliography


What is deception, what is misleading?

What distinguishes something as misleading?

When is a testimonial potentially deceptive

Greenwashing – making environmental claims

  • How are they able to make those deceptive claims? What protects them?

Focus on the consumer psychology


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