i need exit strategy for my business idea

This week your Team will discuss & develop an exit strategy. Remember that your exit strategy is not so much for you, the entrepreneur-founders, but is essential for any outside investors you may need to fund your business. You may want to go public, but remember that is a rare possibility. It is more likely you will sell to a larger, more established company, or even sell to your initial investors (especially if they have a track record in your industry).

Step 1: Conduct your own online research on possible exit strategies, including IPO; sale to a competitor; sale to a corporate partner; and sale to individual buyers (possibly your early angel investors).

Step 2: Discuss with your Team which approach (or approaches) might make sense for your business, in your industry, at this time in the marketplace. Consider the size of your business, its potential profitability, and amount of outside investment you must repay. If you decide to continue the business as a lifestyle business, show how & why your investors (if any) will be happy with this approach.

Step 3. Appoint a reporter to summarize your recommendations in no more than one page.

Please check the business idea attached bellow


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