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identify FIVE theories that we covered that interested you or that struck you as particularly useful. There will be THREE sections to your paper:

  1. Summarize– In approximately ONE paragraph EACH, summarize the theory. Include in your summary a) what type of theory it is (such as interpersonal, intercultural, group, or rhetorical; see Table of Contents), b) the purpose of the theory (or what it helps us understand about communication, and c) any important concepts it is based on or teaches us.
  2. Compare and Contrast– Compare and contrast these five theories. What do they seem to have in common? What are some major differences?
  3. Evaluate– evaluate if these FIVE theories line up with a thread or principle, come out of a single scholarly tradition, or address a particular communication context? Or do you seem intrigued by seemingly unrelated theories? Then evaluate your beliefs about communication theory. Consider your answers to the following questions in your paper: What does this tell you about what you believe about communication (i.e., are you more objective or rhetorical? more interested in interpersonal or organizational communication?)

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