humanities discussion post

In this final conversation, I sincerely want to know what all this means to you personally. What are your take-aways? What have you learned about yourself and the world (past and present) through the study of humanities/creativity?

Exploration phase:
Directions: Be brief yet thorough in your responses to the three queries below:

1) Post a list of the top 5 things you learned in the course and explain why each item is important to you personally, a particular culture, or the world at large. You may include items on your list that refer to experience, wisdom gained, new knowledge, self-awareness, etc.

2) Explain why the humanities is/are required as part of the core curriculum for a variety of degrees/careers.

3) What aspects of this course relate to you in some meaningful way? In other words, what did you find valuable about studying the humanities and the human (and your own) urge to create?

NOTE:This is not a formal essay. As usual, your grade on this discussion will reflect your ability to express your thoughts succinctly and precisely and to offer significant insights.


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