housing history 1

I need someone who can write my final paper about housing history. I will send you all the readings, and you can choose which of them works better.

Part of Description:

-The final paper asks you to choose two readings from the course to explore in further detail. The goal of the final paper is to intelligently and critically examine two readings in regards to how their ideas and concepts intersect, extend, or extrapolate into our present perilous moment, in regards to contemporary thinking nondomestic space.

‒Size11 font

‒ images optional but suggested


1. Demonstrates comprehensiveness and intelligent selection of sources

2. Shows insight and rigor in organization of sources

3. Sources in text are properly cited following the Chicago Manual of Style conventions of academicwriting

4. Bibliography follows the Chicago Manual of Style conventions of academic writing

*** This assignment include 2 parts:

1- I need outlines of the final paper in a day. (I have to send it to my professor to see if it needs any changes.)

2- After the feedback, I will extend the time to 2 days.


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