history of contemporary art research paper


Upload your research paper on Thursday 4/21 before class. The paper should be in a word doc, and at least five pages double spaced. This is a five page double spaced paper with 1″ margins and foot or end notes. See below for formatting citations.



Look at each exhibition in the online essay “6 Now-Closed Exhibitions That You Can Still Explore In Street View” (below) and choose one for your paper.https://artsandculture.google.com/story/6-now-closed-exhibitions-that-you-can-still-explore-in-street-view/AgJS_V6WxTWzKw (Links to an external site.)

1) Choose an exhibition: Your paper will focus on one exhibition from the essay above. Describe what the exhibition is about, the artist(s) featured, how navigated, if there is sound or accompanying text, etc. What is the theme? What do you learn from it? After describing the exhibition and artist, focus on one artwork in the exhibition.

2) Focus on one artwork: Choose one artwork and address it in terms of:

A) What sort of object is it? Is it junk, a commodity, a natural object, a relic, a readymade, etc. Does the artwork push back against objects by emphasizing process?

B) What is the life cycle of the object as explored in the Shanks essay? What materials, objects, or processes are used in the artwork? Where do the materials come from? What is done to them? How changed, transformed, manipulated by the artist? Does the object show signs of its transformation? Of decay?

C) Finally, consider how the virtuality of the online interface effects your experience of the artwork you are discussing. What is “the object” in this environment? How do you experience the artwork as a virtual thing? How does it compare to the “real” thing?

3) Scholarly dialogue: Use scholarly peer-reviewed sources to consider the meaning of this artwork and dialogue it is a part of. Has it been reviewed in art journals? Is the topics the artwork touches upon discussed elsewhere? Is it in dialogue with other artworks?

4) Conclusion: Summarize your paper and its conclusions.



You must use at least two scholarly sources for this paper (not google! not wikipedia! but something that is behind a pay wall at King Library, such as from a scholarly journal or book) and proper citation. For citing sources see this quick guide (below). In Art History we use the Chicago Manual of Style. Since this is a short paper you can use the notes version only (no bibliography necessary). You only need proper foot or end notes. In the guide below see citations for books, journal articles, etc. You should use the full citation the first time you cite your source, and the shortened version if and when you repeat it. https://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/turabian/turabian-notes-and-bibliography-citation-quick-guide.html


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