hear 3 podcast then follow the instruction to write a short summary in financial and business view

Choose any 3 podcasts from the following website, then follow the questions below to write a short summary for each of them.(the original request was 6 podcast, but 3 of them are already done, I’ll give you the topic of these 3 podcast later so you don’t use the same podcast twice.)

How I Built This:


We Study Billionaires:


Upside: a podcast about startups investing OUTSIDE of Silicon Valley:


Podcast Project Directions:

Half page to 1 page double spaced per podcast

1) Listen to ENTIRE Podcast of your choice from one of these three sources.

2) Summary of the podcast

3) Lessons learned (especially if can be related to class material).

4) Any notes to yourself for the future

5) Link and title to the podcast

this is a task from Finance class, do it with a more financial and business view when you write the summary.


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