guided response 24

Though the internet was envisioned as an ideal space for democratic discourse and enlightened values, racism and misogyny still thrive online.

In Algorithms of Oppression,Preview the document Safiya Umoja Noble illustrates how racism is embedded in the design of seemingly “neutral” digital technologies.

In “#Gamergate and The Fappening: How Reddit’s Algorithm, Governance, and Culture Support Toxic Technocultures,” Adrienne Massanari examines how the design of platforms can influence online behavior and amplify objectionable ideas and content.

In this response, please address the following questions:

1. What happened when Noble searched for “black girls” in 2010? What do “glitches” (such as examples involving Google photo-tagging, Maps, and Images) suggest about the neutrality of facial recognition systems and search algorithms?

2. How does Massanari define “toxic technocultures”? What “tactics” and “ideas” are common within these communities?

3. Massarani argues that the design of Reddit’s platform encourages its “toxic technoculture.” How do karma points and r/all amplify content on the site?

Double space, 1 page


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