for your final response regarding things fall apart i want you to reply to the following question

For your final response regarding Things Fall Apart, I want you to reply to the following question:

What are the characteristics of colonization as they are represented in Part II and Part III of Achebe’s novel—that is, how does colonization look in this book? What are the tactics of the colonists as they seek to inhabit and gradually overtake Ibo culture and tribal life? There is no great war fought between he settlers and the Ibo people, no massive conflict that results in the victor taking all the spoils, and yet the spoils of the Ibo people are nevertheless claimed by the British—by what means is the overtaking of the Western influence accomplished? Colonization is not an abrupt flip of a switch, in Achebe’s novel, but more of a progressive encroachment—chart this progress in your responses here.


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