find an example of quot orientalism quot on the internet

I’d like you to find an example of “Orientalism” on the internet. It can be a song, image, meme, movie, book, poem, show, or an article in the news–essentially anything you can find that seems Orientalist to you (and not an example I’ve given in the lecture or in the reading). Find that for me, upload a link or the image itself, and write 150 words about why it’s an example of Orientalism, and what that example is trying to convey about “The East.” Remember, Orientalism has a more precise meaning than “racism about Asia or Asians.” It is often that too, but more specifically, Orientalism seeks to make generalizations about the “The East” or “Eastern culture” as somehow Other to “The West.” It can be negative, as when the movie 300 depicts the “hordes” from the East as a hodgepodge collection of bad guys (often people of color, and sometimes actual monsters) with turbans, piercings, masks, etc.; or it can be positive, as when Eat, Pray, Love depicts India as a magical land of spirituality.

read the attachments for this assignments first. It is related to the question and the response that i need.

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