film festival project 5


Assignment Content

  1. Create a 700- to 1,300-word proposal for a themed film festival. First, select your theme. The theme could be anything from a specific genre like the western, to a topic like LGBTQ representations, to a specific time period, and everything in between.

    Answer the following questions in your proposal:

    • Why did you select this theme? Be sure to indicate its importance to you.
    • Identify three films that will serve as the main event for the festival. How does each film relate to the theme? Consider the following elements in the films you selected:
    • Cinematography
    • Sound and music
    • Editing
    • Narrative
    • Genres
    • Film theory
    • Instead of providing the general plot summary, discuss how specific scenes from each film relate to the theme you selected.
    • What will film festival viewers learn about film by attending this festival?

    Include citations and references throughout your paper. APA formatting is required.


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