exam 3 chapter 14 open ended questions

  • 14.1 Bronsted Lowry Acids and Bases
  • 14.2 Acid-base properties of water
  • 14.3 pH and pOH
  • 14.4 pH and pOH: Solution Identification
  • 14.5 pH Calculations
  • 14.6 Acid and Base Strengths: Ka and Kb
  • 14.7 Acids and Bases: Ionization and Conjugate Acids and Bases
  • 14.8 Calculations of Acids and Bases
  • 14.9 Neutralization Reactions
  • 14.10 Hydrolysis of Salt Solutions
  • 14.13 Buffers and Buffer Capacity
  • 14.14 Buffer Mixtures and Calculations
  • 14.15 Acid Base Titrations

This is All chapter. 14 topics. Exam will be 1hour and 45 minutes. You must solve problems in a paper and submit through canvas. I need at least 90 out of 100. I will leave tip as well.


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