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The last homework i ask you for help is rough plan, then this homework assignment is write an essay with the point you write last time. the tips for my professor which give us will write down below :

After speaking with some of you during my office hour, I gathered that some of you could use some more guidance on how to approach Essay #2. The main concern that I have in terms of what could go wrong with this project stems from what I saw on the midterm. Many of you engaged the issue the writer was discussing rather than evaluating his actual argument on the subject. Essay #2 contains the same trap.

Let me be clear: It does not matter what your opinion on the issue your writer discusses is. You could actually agree with the writer’s position, but still deem their argument weak, and vice versa. I’m not asking for your opinion on an issue; I’m asking you to evaluate the moves the writer makes.

What do I mean by “the moves the writer makes?” I’m talking about all of the critical thinking skills we’ve been discussing in class. Is the argument logical? Are the premises true? Is it clearly and precisely explained and laid out? Is it fair? Does it handle counterarguments? Does it provide sufficient evidence? What do you think of the writer’s use of the appeals? What do you think of its tone? Is it complete? Or has the writer sidestepped important aspects of the issue to make their case? I’m looking for an examination of those kind of elements in your essay, NOT a statement of whether you agree with the writer or not.

Because of the goal of this assignment, your thesis shouldn’t be anything like “I agree with the writer when she argues that…”. It should be something like “The writer’s argument is weak/strong because…”

That all she said, so i hope you can make it.

I already upload the files may useful for you.


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