easy writing 4

read both the stories and compare in 5 paragraph.

my teacher sent me email explain the homework please follow what she said

my teacher email:

I would like you to write a five-paragraph compare essay on

“Flowers” vs. “The Flowers”.

Here are some hints to help you with three similarities to compare

the two stories:

Write your introduction giving the type of reading it is: short

stories, the titles, and the authors of each. Then introduce

the names of each protagonist/main character. Margaret

is the protagonist in “Flowers”. It’s World War 2. Tell where she comes from

and where she is staying. Myop is the main character of

“The Flowers.” Where is she living? It is in the American

South and after the Civil War.

The basic theme is that both of them lose their childhood innocence

due to horrible situations and what they see because of it- one war and the other lynching.

What they witness should come at the end of the essay as they

are the key points of each story and are what takes away the girls’

youthful innocence. This should be the final point in an essay.

Paragraph 2. They are about the same age and experience

adventure on their own with no adults with them. They are both

living in difficult times. Margaret during WW II and Myop during

the time in America that is post-Civil War but a difficult time for

African Americans in the South when they are forced into

sharecropping. They also face horrible attacks by groups

like the Ku Klux Klan that lynch Blacks.

Paragraph 3. They both go exploring nature – one at the sea and one in

the woods. But the beauty of nature (flowers, bushes, the woods,

the beach, birds, – goes away when they are confronted

with something they don’t expect to see.

Paragraph 4. They are both see something horrible. Margaret sees

the horrors of war when she walks to the beach and comes across

two dead bodies. What she witnesses takes away her innocent

childhood. Myop faces the same thing when she sees a man

who has been lynched by the Klan or a similar group. Both girls

have the innocence of their youth taken away because of what

they saw that was so horrible.

Paragraph 5. Conclusion.

Add Works Cited at the end with both stories in alphabetical



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