do not own book choose one of these reading prompts to respond to there are multiple parts to each reading prompt you must answer all parts essays must be a minimum of 450 words which is about 1 pages double spaced in times new roman

Topics: Families as They Are

Read: Frank Lowe Raised by Unicorns pp. 111 – 193

Author: Frank Lowe

Publisher: Cleis Press

Essay 10 Assignment:

Choose one of these reading prompts to respond to (there are multiple parts to each reading prompt, you must answer all parts).

1. How does a culture of “Are you even allowed to do that?” (from the TedTalk) affect the child and families? How are children of LGBTQ parents harmed by social attitudes that question their family’s right to exist? Consider the voices in the stories and the TedTalk when discussing why recognition of LGBTQ families is important in a social context as well as a legal one.

2. First consider what makes a family “normal”? Create a list of 10 ideas and explain how each is a part of that “normalcy”. Next, discuss how your selected 10 ideas affect or do not affect a definition of family that can be used by the courts (justice system), government (for legislation) and socially (for identity building). Discuss each of these three things. What consequences does your constructed definition of family have for families in America? Is anyone left out? Is anyone helped or harmed? Lastly, explain why how we define a family matters.

Assignment Details: (read these directions carefully!)


• The essays for this class have specific prompts. Make sure that you read the questions carefully and consider your answers. You do have choices, but you must work with the questions that are provided.

• You must reference and cite the readings that you have chosen to discuss in your Essays

• Essays must be at least 450 words in length


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