Dissertation Writing Services

Why seek Dissertation Writing Help?

Writing a dissertation requires comprehensive knowledge of the subject, excellent writing skills and thorough professionalism on the part of those undertaking this serious task because dissertation writing is a very important aspect of a student’s academic career.

Students seek dissertation writing services for the following reasons:

Dissertation writing is a new experience which has not been attempted before.

Apart from being a new experience, dissertation writing is also a considerably large project that needs considerable research and writing skills.

Dissertations denote the change from student to scholar and is thus a stressful experience.

When working part-time to meet university expenses, there are issues of exhaustion and less time available to focus on dissertation writing.

Managing topic and managing the committee and advisors makes the process of writing dissertations really difficult.

Dissertation writing involves searching for original and authentic sources of information which makes the process of writing dissertations a time consuming and boring work.

If you are faced with the issue of having to write your dissertation again, due to poor proficiency in English, insufficient research and data, lack of clarity in writing, incorrect compilation and formatting.

When you are not able to understand the directives given to you in writing your dissertation.

When you want your dissertation to have a professional touch.

Why Us for your Dissertation Writing?

If you are seeking professional, outstanding, non-plagiarized and custom dissertation writing services, look no further beyond us.

We have been a leading provider of professional dissertation research and writing services and our customers value us for our quality services. With regard to dissertation writing services, we have a methodology in place that works every time and for years we have been assisting several thousands of students in their dissertations using our in-depth knowledge and expertise.

In case you find yourself in a situation, where you have taken too long to work upon the ideas for your dissertation, or have more work in your hands than what you can manage, or you are in a situation where your dissertation has been rejected and you require professional help, then our custom dissertation experts are available to assist you.

Check out the following to understand why our services stand superior to those offered by our competitors:

We provide dissertation writing services for any academic level, be if Undergraduate, Masters, Specialized or PhD level students.

We provide outstanding, customized and professional dissertations that are in accordance with your specifications mentioned. We carry out in-depth research on your topic so that we can provide quality work that is according to your expectations. We have processed thousands of dissertation orders and we are fully aware that customers want their dissertations to be done according to specified instructions and not done just as how the writer likes.

Our dissertation writing services provides customer with a smooth and hassle free writing process.

We offer professional dissertation writing services in any subject/topic of study. Our skilled writers can offer dissertation writing services on any dissertation topic, which is of any length, and virtually any reasonable deadline. We offer quality services and hence we do not take up any dissertation writing work which has a deadline of 24 hours, as no one can write a quality custom dissertation within 24 hours. If any of our competitors state that they can write your dissertation within 24 hours, be assured that it would not be a custom original dissertation, but would be a plagiarized or earlier written dissertation.

Our custom dissertation specialists would provide you with high quality dissertations. In the past several years, several thousands of students have had excellent experience with our writing processes, so you can be sure that you are not the only one.

We offer non-plagiarized, completely referenced and professionally-written original, custom dissertation writing services.

We will not ever sell any of your dissertations to any other client or publish client’s dissertation in any other place and neither do we plagiarize to give you low rates. Our writers work with integrity and every writer of ours is contractually obligated to deliver high-quality, 100% unique, non-plagiarised dissertation for each and every order. The writer must cite every primary/secondary source of information and do not make any exception to this. We have a zero tolerance policy, by which a writer is immediately terminated from the job and their current salary in the month in which plagiarism occurs, is forfeited. Due to this reason, our writers never attempt to plagiarize. Moreover, we check each and every dissertation using anti-plagiarism software, before it is submitted to you and this eliminates any signs of plagiarism.

We employ highly-qualified writers having excellent research and writing skills. Each of our writers has considerable experience in writing custom dissertations.

Our expert writers possess the skills to write high-quality dissertations that will ensure you high grades. We have in place a unique and stringent quality control system, which ensure that any dissertations written by our writers are of excellent standing.

We are NOT one of those companies who hire writers who are unskilled in English language or writers who are students, just to save money. Our company employs only professional native-English speaking writers, who have acquired a Masters or PhD degree, and not from any university, but from respected and well-known universities.

We have a balanced team that includes professional writers, scholars and university professors. Our writers have more than ten years of academic writing experience and the dissertations that they write have helped many students to be successful in their academic careers. Several of our writers have in fact been on admissions committees, and hence they are perfectly aware of what is needed to make outstanding successful dissertations.

Our writers use up-to-date and accurate research in writing dissertations for our clients. Apart from regular libraries our writers also make use of member-only online libraries which has millions of electronic journals, books, magazines, periodicals which offer large information on any custom dissertation topic, irrespective of the geographical place.

Each dissertation order placed by our clients are handed over to the writer who has knowledge and expertise pertaining to the subject/topic of the dissertation. When we receive an order for a Master or a Doctoral-level, it will be completed only by those writers who possess a Master or doctoral-level degree in that chosen area of study. In case of PhD level clients, our writers provide them with a comprehensive dissertation that includes information, criticism and analysis so as to offer new in-depth discoveries and insights which are needed for graduation.

We provide complete flexibility and can assist you with writing an entire dissertation or just a part of a dissertation.

Our writers can write dissertations not just according to US academic standards and/or formatting requirements, but also according to UK and other academic standards and/or formatting demands. We have a team of more than 120 writers who specifically cater to the British dissertation writing market. Our writers always keep themselves updated on any new regulations, rules and also guidelines put forth by British universities, so that they can offer you dissertations which are accepted by UK professors. Additionally, we cater to students in various geographical places and our writers are adept in accommodating any type of requirement from any region or ethnicity.

All of our dissertations are 275 words per page, with Times New Roman font, having a 12 point size, and double-spaced pages. Citation styles are done according to the client’s requirements.

We have free features such as references in any style, free outline, free bibliography. All our dissertations are formatted in 12-point Times New Roman font with double-spacing.

We ensure that we will keep all your information 100% Confidential. We will never give away any of your personal details or any details relating to your order to any third party.

In a situation wherein the dissertation does not satisfy instructions specified by the customer, (which is a highly unlikely event) our writers will make revisions to your dissertation free of cost.

There are many sites on the internet offering writing services for dissertation. While some charge a hefty price, others give you astonishingly low rates, but cheap quality work. We are not stating that we are the lowest priced service! Quality does not come cheap. With us, you can find the best balance between price and quality. We provide a high quality at budget friendly prices. Additionally we offer special discounts to our regular customers.

Unlike other companies we do not impose any unknown fees or play gimmicks with our clients. With us you would experience only honest, straight forward dealings.

We offer 24X7 live customer support and will provide every customer with a communication panel by which they can communicate to us and our writers, as the order progresses. The communication panel permits our customers to control each and every step of the completion of their orders. Through the personal support system, our clients can send information/files and receive the dissertation proposal, outline, plans and drafts of their dissertation from their assigned writer. The personal support system enables our clients to get updates on their work and send in revision requests if unsatisfied with the work.

We are not like certain other companies who are interested in making one-day profits. Our reputation is our important asset and so we guarantee to offer products to our clients which are nothing short from perfection. With us, customers have complete satisfaction and we have a complete record of satisfied clients. It is no surprise that 95% of our clients are those who are returning customers. This statistics speaks enough about our successful services. Check out our Client Testimonials section, to find out what our clients are saying about us.

We continuously improve the services that we provide and we are always open and positive towards all the comments and suggestions made by our customers. Every customer suggestion is considered with importance and is definite to show the necessary reflection on the end result. This approach has enabled us to provide custom dissertation services that are completely according to customer preferences.

All Stages of Dissertation Making Process

We can work out your dissertations in the following ways:

Writing Dissertations

We can write the entire dissertation from scratch. If you have the first draft, we are ready to revise that for you or if you require us to assist you with different sections of your dissertation such as a particular chapter, or just assist you with researching, we can provide our services in accordance with the level of assistance that you require. You may check our rates for dissertation writing at the end of this page.

Reformatting Dissertations We employ writers who are experts in applying presentation methods which would be the most suitable for your specific type of dissertation. Our writers have the necessary skills to carry out reformatting work on any of your dissertations, so that it acquires the kind of professionalism that your dissertation requires and conforms to the expected academic standards. If you require we can work upon the bibliography of the dissertation or carry out statistical analyses for your dissertation. With regard to reformatting, you can check out the editing services page. If you have any further queries relating to reformatting of your dissertations, send them to us through the Contact Us page and we will be pleased to assist you and quote our rates.

Editing/Proof-Reading Dissertations

We offer editing and proof-reading services, wherein our expert editors would offer you with a thorough analysis of the writing style, correct use of punctuation and grammar, sequential flow of thoughts, format and physical layout so as to make sure that your dissertation satisfies the instructions set by your academic institution. Check out our editing services page, wherein you can have more information on getting your dissertations proofread, edited and improved in presentation style. Or if you have queries relating to editing your dissertations, you can send them to us through the Contact Us page and we will be pleased to assist you and quote our rates.

Review Dissertations

We offer dissertation reviewing services, wherein our editors will completely read your dissertation and give you feedback about how the dissertation’s content and structure can be improved. This feedback will be sent in as an analysis in place of changes or corrections made to your dissertation. You can then decide which idea suits your dissertation the best and implement it in your dissertation to create a high quality dissertation. If you have questions relating to our services of reviewing dissertations, send them to us through the Contact Us page and we will be pleased to assist you and quote our rates.

Our writer will assist you in every stage of the dissertation drafting process in the following way:

Topic Proposition and theoretical framework

Literature review and proposal development

Data collection and database construction

Questionnaire development

Research design, analysis and statistics

Educational outcome oriented research

Findings and discussion

Results presentation and preparation of the final reports

All phases of writing a Dissertation

Options of Ordering Dissertations from us

We provide our customers with various options regarding the amount of work want us to do on their dissertation. Here is a look at the options we offer:

Whole Dissertation & Research Proposal This is the most preferred option, wherein we start by writing the dissertation proposal and once this is approved we proceed to write all chapters of the dissertation, right up to the conclusion. Further those who find it difficult even to choose a topic for their dissertation can take our help to decide on a topic.

Part or Parts of your Dissertation This is the second most preferred option, wherein we write section or sections of your dissertation, that you find difficult to handle. Such sections could be your research proposal, methodology or literature review and so on. Our writers will ensure that the difficulty in handling such sections is removed from your shoulders.    Edit, Review & Reformat Dissertation This is the third option available, wherein your dissertation will be checked by a professional editor for spelling, grammar and content presentation. Our editing services have been especially helpful for international students whose native language is not English, as it has helped to make their dissertations free from grammar and sentence structuring errors. Your dissertation would also be reviewed, proof-read and reformatted by our experts. The editing, review and reformatting service is meant for those who have already completed writing their dissertations, but feel that the language needs to be edited to make it readable and interesting.

The rates quoted above include many Special Discounts that apply depending on the number of pages ordered.

If you have any further questions, please read our FAQ section. If you have any other queries, you can send them via the Contact Us page and we will get back to you within 12-24 hours.

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The focus of our academic writing services is to make our customers return with further orders by providing them with a good working experience in the first round itself. We stand apart from other dissertation writing service providers because we believe in offering quality service. Other writing services seek to flee away with their client’s money, without keeping up their promises. Our customers receive custom dissertations which meet up to the highest standards. Other sites do not provide even a fraction of the quality that we provide.

Our company offers custom dissertations that reflect expertise, professionalism, experience and we offer rock-solid guarantees that no on else can. Many dissertation sites on the internet hire writers at low wages from non-native English speaking countries, who lack knowledge of the English language. We on the other hand are a leading source for academic research writing services, wherein our writers are proficient in English language and are highly qualified, skilled and have years of experience. With us there are no tricks, false promises or surprises, but only high quality work and sincerity. We have provided help to thousands of customers for dissertations over the past several years and we guarantee to provide 100% satisfaction in our services. Place your dissertation order with us now and relax to know that you would get a customized high quality non-plagiarized dissertation.