discussion questions 715

Write each question for 250 words at least. No Plagiarism.

1. read the article and answer the questions, first five pages important

– The way that the author tells the history of new media art

– The array of new media artworks that predate contemporary digital media

– Both Anastasia Salter in “Building Interactive Stories” and Timothy Murrayin “New Media Arts” mention many early works of new media art and storytelling. Pick one from before the 2000s (1999 or earlier) that sounds interesting to you and see if you can find more information about it online: photos, videos, writing, etc. Describe the work, what you learned about it, and what makes it interesting to you in the context of our course

2. In “Her Story: Telling a Story Using the Player’s Imagination,” Sam Barlow talks about the misconception that only digital media forms are interactive. He says that lots of other forms of media, like literature and film, still require “interaction” from the reader. Give an example of a piece of “non-interactive” media that you have read or watched that you experienced as interactive and explain by referencing ideas from Barlow’s talk.

Link: how her story works https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFvbN3K6EA8

Her Story: Telling a Story Using the Player’s Imagination :https://www.gdcvault.com/play/1023430/Making-Her-Story-Telling-a


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