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Cash Flow Statement Analyis

This week we turn to the last of the major financial statements – the Cash Flow Statement.

  1. Locate and post a screen shot of an actual Cash Flow Statement from the latest fiscal year for one of the following companies:
    • Medtronics
    • ServiceMaster
    • Your own Company (or any company you choose)
  2. Pick a Cash Flow Statement line item or ratio from the following list:

    Line Item Ratio
    • Net Change in Cash
    • Cash Flow from Operations
    • Cash Flow from Investing
    • Cash Flow from Financing
    • Capital Expenditures
    • Dividends Paid
    • Proceeds from Long Term Debt

    • Cash Flow Return on Assets
    • Dividend Payout Ratio
    • Cap Ex to Depreciation Ratio
    • Free Cash Flow
  1. What does this line item or ratio measure and why is it important for Management to understand this number
  2. From the Cash Flow Statement, identify the past 4 years of amounts for your line item or ratio. Share this data with the class using a data table or chart.
  3. Answer the following questions:
    • What is the trend for this line item or ratio?
    • Has the line item or ratio amount increased or decreased?
    • Is this a “good” or a “bad” thing for this company?
    • What might management do to improve this line item or ratio?

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