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This week, we discussed the relationship between religion and sports in the United States. Using material from the lecture, make an argument that:

a) sports in the United States should be understood as a religion.


b) sports in the United States should be understood like a religion.


c) sports in the United States should NOT be understood as a religion.

Defend your answer logically and with no opinion statements. Do not use “I believe” statements. Instead, “I think” or “I argue” statements better start these types of discussions.

Minimum of 200 words, but a sound argument should be made. Students must integrate information from this week’s lectures into their posting or submissions will receive a 0.

Lecture 1 discusses how we think about our categories. Lecture 2 is a recent interview that Professor Shoemaker conducted with KJZZ regarding why we miss sports during the COVID-19 pandemic.



part2 (https://drive.google.com/file/d/18DIiFIWy1p9dNvItQb90eC9-MsrY-pXA/view?usp=sharing)

Lecture 2: KJZZ Interview (Links to an external site.)w/Professor Shoemaker


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