discussion 1 248

STEP 1: Choose two of the essential questions to answer from the list below. (10 points)

  • Explain how the consequences of World War I and the worldwide depression set the stage for the Russian Revolution, the rise of totalitarianism, aggressive Axis expansion and the policy of appeasement, which, in turn, led to World War II.
  • Explain how and why oppression and discrimination resulted in the Armenian Genocide during World War I and the Holocaust, the state-sponsored mass murder of Jews and other groups, during World War II.
  • Describe how World War II devastated most of Europe and Asia, led to the occupation of Eastern Europe and Japan, and started the atomic age.
  • Why didn’t the USSR get along well with the other Allies?
  • How did WWII lead to greater independence for women?
  • What if Japan had not bombed Pearl Harbor?
  • How did WWII lead to the Cold War?

STEP 2: List the question and then answer them. Within your well-developed paragraph response, include examples from:

  1. the readings, videos and presentations in this unit
  2. and examples from your own life

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