discrete math 3 questions

Question 1

Part 1)

Consider this recursive definition of a set S:

Basis Step:

(1, 5) ∈ S and (3, 7) ∈ S

Recursive Step:

If (a, b) ∈ S then (3a + 1, 3b − 7) ∈ S

If (a, b) ∈ S and (c, d) ∈ S then (2a + d, 2b + c) ∈ S

Prove by structural induction that for any (x, y) ∈ S, x + 4 = y

Part 2)

Based on the result from Part 1, what can we say about (1000, 1004)? Briefly explain.

Question 2

Show your work for all parts.

Part 1)

Solve the following recurrence together with the given initial conditions:

an = an-1 + 1/4 an-2; a0 = 0, a1 = 3

Part 2)

Consider the following sequence:

an = 2n + 3n + 4n

We can express this sequence as a recurrence of the form: an =c1 an-1+ c2 an-2+ c3an-3

What are the values of c1, c2, and c3?

What initial conditions do we need for the recurrence?

Question 3:

In attached file.


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