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Lab 2: Presenting Data in the Museum Gift Shop Database

Problem: The local Museum operates a gift shop that sells various science-related items. The gift shop manager would like to prepare reports and forms for the database.

Note: To complete this assignment, you will be required to use your completed lab 3-2. Before you start, be sure your primary keys are set for the proper fields, as defined in Lab 1-2.

Instructions: Perform the following tasks:

1. Run Access and open Lab 3-2.

2. *Open the Form Design for the Item Form from lab 1-2 and MODIFY it as follows below. If you do not have this form, use the Form Wizard to START the form, then continue in Design view with these modifications.

a. Create the form (as shown, but WITHOUT the Item Type field) using the Form Wizard. Close and save the form as “Item Status Form”.

b. IN the navigation panel, open the Design View of the form. Click on “Create” on the ribbon. Click on the Design TAB on the ribbon, to get to the Form Design Tools.

c. Move your cursor to the top of the line labeled “form footer” NEAR the bottom of the form,until you see the mouse pointer change to the line with arrows pointing up and down, indicating you cam change the height of the row like you might have done in your spreadsheets. Drag downward so that the label moves downward giving you more space below the last fields in your form.

d. In the center of the ribbon, there is a collection of icons. Find the tool that is called the “Combo box” (you might need to use the scroll button INSIDE the tool icons in the ribbon).

e. Click the icon once then go to an open place in your form design and “draw” the combo box by holding the left button down and dragging the mouse in a rectangular or diagonal fashion.

f. You now have an UNBOUND combo box and the Combo Box Wizard will pop up. Select the 2nd box (“I will type the values that I want”). Click “Next”.

g. Type any one of the 3 item types, move your cursor the empty box below and type another. Repeat for the 3rd type, then click Next. Click Next AGAIN to have it “Remember…”.

h. Type the name “Item Type” for the label. This does NOT finish the job. You have only created a box and a label for it. NOW you can CONNECT it to your table.

i. Right-click INSIDE the “unbound” box, then in the properties table that now appears, click on the Data tab. In the Control Source box, click on the drop-down arrow and select “Item Type”.

j. Switch your form to the Form view. You should now see the drop down arrow for your Item Status. Click it to we can see the list. Take a SCREEN SHOT of the form, with the list showing, so we can see it (it won’t appear of you just do a normal print!!) You do NOT have to show the Design view.

k. Use the form to get to items 5923, 7934 and change the Description to have your initials at the beginning of the description.

l. If there are fewer than 10 items on hand, the on hand value should appear in a red bold font (Hint: this is a conditional format). Save the changes to the form, navigate to item 5923 and print the form.


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