criminal js 2

Research and find a minimum of 3 different articles/sources (each source should be minimum of 2 pages each), using the SUNY Canton Library website, Google scholar, youtube or any other educational website with the topic of Computer Security and/or Privacy. You will be summarizing the findings of your articles in a Microsoft Word Document, and displaying your knowledge of the topic you have chosen; make sure all of your articles have a common theme, and can be integrated with each other. The total document should be 2 pages double spaced with a works cited.

Some Topic Ideas

There are many topics that would be appropriate, in previous semesters a lot of the topics were:

Cyber bullying, Identity theft, Bank fraud, Social Media Privacy Laws (Facebook, twitter etc), Smart phone security, anti-virus programs (mobile or web), Hacking, Phishing, Online learning.

Submission of Your Research Paper

Make sure your Microsoft Word document is 2 pages double spaced, with a Works Cited. When you click on the Computer Security Dropbox, you must click on choose file and then Add and then Submit File For Grading


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