creating a conversation refers to kari marx s and georg simmel s key ideas

The past two weeks we talked about different classical sociological theorists and sociological frameworks. Based on course readings and material covered during lecture, you will have a choice of two essay topics. Choose only one of the following options (and clearly indicate which option #1 or #2 you chose):

Option #1
I want you to consider the following scenario: Karl Marx and Georg Simmel walk into a cafeteria. They sit at the same table. And they begin talking with each other.

What would Marx and Simmel talk about? What do their theories about society have in common? How do their theories differ?

The goal here is to pretend you are observing/overhearing a back-and-forth conversation (at the lunch table) between two of sociology’s classical theorists. As you construct this imaginary dialogue, you must demonstrate a thorough understanding of each theorist’s key ideas (which were covered during lecture and course readings). Your creativity will be rewarded.

This essay must be between 600-700 words.


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