conflict program proposal 1

Complete the Conflict Program Proposal by providing a brief proposal, identifying the context of the groups, the names of the groups in conflict, the nature of the conflict, and the type of program you will be proposing.

Goals & standards

Aligned with assessment (4)

  • 5.1
    5.1 Describe the elements of conflict resolution and peacemaking.

  • 5.2
    5.2 Explain how individuals rationalize their behavior, using cognitive dissonance theory.
    Goal Set & Category
    Course Objective

  • 5.3
    5.3 Examine philanthropy, social activism, and volunteerism in terms of the social exchange theory and pro-social behavior.
    Goal Set & Category
    Course Objective

  • 5.4
    5.4 Analyze motivations behind heroic, altruistic, and social loafing or bystander behaviors.


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