compare the health care system in the united states united kingdom and italy

Currently Health care has become an important issue that comes down to life or death. This assignment counts for multiple grades and is 400 points. You are writing a 3 page paper, APA style, 12 font. Three pages does not include the cover page or reference page.

Answer the following questions, for each country, in your comparison:

*What kind of health care system is there, public or private?

*Who is covered?

*What is covered?

*What is the cost to the patient?

*What is the cost through taxes?

*What is the wait time for medical treatment (how long until an appointment can be made)?

*Pros and Cons of each.

Now, use your analytical ability and tell me which you believe is the best health care policy, which country, and why. Then tell me the country you believe has the worst health care policy and why.

* At least 4 sources on your reference page.


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