communication 598 storytelling in interaction 8

1200-1500 words

All families tell stories. It is part and parcel of what it means to be a family. Many family occasions from simply getting together, to holiday dinners, to weddings, births and funerals (the family lifespan) are occasions for family storytelling.

For this assignment, draw on a family story (of a positive or negative experience) that has been repeated over the years. On what sorts of occasions does your family tell this story? How is it a part of family identity in terms of content and how is it told? Draw on the Trees & Kellas article for this assignment as well as five other/different readings from different points in the semester. From Trees & Kellas, consider both content as well as the joint storytelling behaviors they describe (turntaking, engagement, perspective-taking, and coherence) to provide an understanding of what a particular family story means to your family. You should cite five different readings in total (you may have more than one citation per reading, meaning, you may end up with more than five citations total; cite whenever you present someone else’s idea).

Use standard font, margins, and line spacing (double space). Proper syntax, spelling, and effective paper organization will count. Use APA citation style and include the page number.

APA example:

According to Bruner (2010), stories, like language, are innate (p. 45)

Scholars have claimed that stories, like language, are innate (Bruner, 2010:45)

The story part of the essay is 25%

What value does your story tell you?


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