clinical journal entry

Ethical and legal issues in nursing (that is what we studied during clinical today) so use the topic and choose ONLY one of the objective or outcome below to write a Journal


Through reflective thought the student will compare and identify how their activities and observations relate to various management theories.

you will analyze your clinical experience and relate how the experience applies to concepts of nursing leadership. Integrate at least one of the outcomes below in your journal. Support your journal write-up with at least one peer-reviewed, journal reference.

  • Justify how you used or observed a management theory being used to improve outcomes
  • Examine how caring behaviors were utilized or observed and positively influenced client outcomes
  • Evaluate how communication techniques effect outcomes
  • Assess how culturally congruent care impacts client outcomes
  • Appraise how health policies and laws impact nursing practice
  • Examine how critical thinking with independent judgment was utilized to promote optimal wellness to families and communities
  • Evaluate how the concepts power, empowerment, autonomy or advocacy were utilized in managing nursing practice
  • Critique how nursing leadership styles influence socio-cultural, political, economic, legal and ethical issues.
  • Summarize how nurse leaders assume accountability for meeting the changing health care needs of the global community, through the continuation of personal, professional and educational development


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