CLASSMATE-#1K. P. Career Decision Making SystemThe type of assessment that I chose this week to review is the Career Decision Making System. This is a formal twenty to forty minute assessment used fr


K. P.

 Career Decision Making System

The type of assessment that I chose this week to review is the Career Decision Making System. This is a formal twenty to forty minute assessment used from seventh grade to adulthood, which focuses on Holland’s theory regarding personality types and how to develop a student’s career (Niles & Harris-Bowlsbey, 2012). The Career Decision Making System was first published in 1976 and has since been revised multiple times (O’Shea & Harrington, 2003). The assessment targets the student’s values, interests, and preferences regarding career information (O’Shea & Harrington, 2003). This assessment also analyzes the abilities, job values, interests, subject preferences and future plans involving career development (Bowman, 1991). The goal of this assessment is to help students to be able to properly plan their career choices and begin to make decisions towards their career (O’Shea & Harrington, 2003). With the assistance of the career counselor, the student should have a career profile with guidelines to succeeding. For example, some of the assessment’s goals are to develop skills to evaluate career information, learn to make decisions and develop hobbies and vocational interests (O’Shea & Harrington, 2003). According to one study, Career Decision Making System was rated the most effective assessment tool by high school counselors when compared to other assessments they have access to (Freeman, 1996) If this type of assessment can be provided to younger students, then they can develop healthy career development habits like learning how to plan and set goals. This assessment appears to be fair and equal between the genders because it is different for every student depending on their specific needs and desires. By assessing one’s interests and values, you can better develop an overall plan for how to achieve specific career goals. This type of test is an excellent resource for student’s to refer to in their current and future career development. I would love an opportunity to take this assessment myself so I could learn more about it from first hand experience. If one desires to find this assessment, it can be found online for purchase and includes training DVDs.

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PSY 6120: Lifestyle & Career Development

Week 3 Assignment: Career Counseling Assessments- MAPP

Dr. Walker

July 12, 2018

  The assessment I selected to work with is the Motivational Assessment of Personal Potential (MAPP) – The Basic Concept of the test is essential in determining an individual’s interest in working with people, things and matching various job characteristics based on personal preference.  The assessment is composed of 71 questions, with three choices to select from based on what the individual prefers.  Such as:  Most preferred, least preferred, and another option is left blank.  This selection is based on what is more or least satisfying or will make the individual feel happy. It’s aside from the skills, knowledge or training that the person gained.

Based on the concepts key statement:

Three = I can apply the concept and explain it to the clients.

Two = I have some knowledge but little experience in applying the concept.

One = I have little or no understanding of this concept

Based on the following statements the corresponding number will express how knowledgeable about the data that was obtained is interpreted.

1)  Statistics used in testing according to the response taken from the MAPP assessment.

Two  2) a) Measures the variability of career option for individuals.

Two b) Distributions of the data based on the honesty of the individual response.

2)  Types of instrument used in MAPP assessment :

a)  Measures the ability, achievement, and suitable career path

b)  Reliability – the measurement that is was meant to measure over a designated period. ( Niles, & Harris-Bowlsbey, 2017, p.144)

Meaning of test reliability is based on the assessed data, matching individual with the best career choice suitable for them. Types of test reliability are determined by the internal consistency of the information collected.

c)  Validity – is based on an instrument the measures what it’s meant to measure. ( Niles, & Harris-Bowlsbey, 2017, p. 144)

Meaning of test validity is a priority in each area of determining an individual’s true motivation for planning and selecting a career. Additionally according to Niles, & Harris-Bowlsbey, (2017), “with the many faces of diversity, such as age, reading and comprehension level, race, ethnicity, gender, and disability must be considered when assessment instruments are selected”(p. 137).  It’s imperative that matching individuals with the appropriate assessment will provide reliable and valid data collection.  When the materials are read and understood, the correct and proper response will be given, and the data be interpreted will be more reliable and valid. In other words, ensure clients are prepared, if accommodations such as those with language barriers or disability, has the necessary help in place before the assessment begins. Finally for the test to be valid, it has to be free from any bias in all aspects.


Niles, S.G. & Harris-Bowlsbey, J. (2017). Career development interventions (5th ed.).Upper

Saddle River, NJ Pearson MAPP, Copyright 1995-2018

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