charlotte beers at ogilvy amp mather worldwide case study

please read attached case study and follow the details below

Case Format: Word count (1200-2000 words)

Cover Page

oTitle of Paper

oStudent Name


oCourse and Section

Paper Layout

oEssay format

§Paragraphs should be well written, containing grammatically correct sentences using professional language (no slang, clichés etc.)

§Bullet points may be used as part of the essay, but the paper should NOT be a series of bullet points.

o12 pt. font

oDouble spaced

oMaximum 1-inch margins

Content (Each major content area is its own section with heading):


oHistory of the organization leading up to the need for change


§Why did Ogilvy & Mather need to change?

§What was happening in the industry and beyond?

Change Initiatives:

oWhat were the change initiatives taken by Beers, specifically address the following:

§What were the key actions taken?

§What was the sequence of these actions?

Change Management Issues:

oDiscussion of whether the actions taken were appropriate including:

§What was the impact associated with these actions?

§What were the risks associated with these actions?


oWhat would you have done differently?

§Would you add or eliminate any initiative (and why)?

§Would you change the timing of any initiative (and why)?

§Anything else you think would improve the effectiveness of the change process.

oNote: If you do not think anything should be changed, you need to justify why you think so.

Note: The four sections of the paper should be approximately equal in length


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