ch dev early childhood years discussion board

Early Childhood Years Discussion Board:

Part 1 – At least 4 paragraphs. Answer these questions:

a. At least 3 paragraphs, one for each chapter which must have at least 8 sentences each. (Least is the average requirement for average grade and more is going for quality.) What concepts did you find the most interesting information or key points you found in Chapters 8, 9, 10 that are important to know as a teacher, parent, or policymaker? What connections did you make from these concepts/topics? This time don’t just explain what you learned, but also the connections and what you thought about them -Relate the terms to what you thought and learned about.. For this question, make sure that you respond in three full paragraphs. In parenthesis be sure to include the page numbers, PPT or video that relate to each key term.

b. At least 1 paragraph to -Discuss what you learned about self-control and self-regulation in children? What did you think about the Self-regulation videos on the Marshmallow Test with the children and and Dr. Barcellos? What connections did you make about adult self-control. For this question, make sure that you respond in at least one full paragraph with at least 8 sentences each).

Chapter 8 videos:


chapter 9 videos: Lev Vgotsky, Learning Theories, ZPD

Lev Vygotskys Theory of Cognitive Development Exam Prep Video YouTube (Links to an external site.)

Piaget’s Stages of Development

Chapter 9 reader:

chapter 10 videos: Why Do We Lose Control of Our Emotions?

Self-Regulation – Learning how to regulate thoughts, emotions and actions

The danger of instant gratification | Jesse Weinberger | TEDxUrsulineCollege

Thoughts, Feelings and Actions: Self-Regulation in Early Childhood (Video #185)

Thoughts, Feelings and Actions: Self-Regulation in Early Childhood (Video #185)

Self Regulated Behavior Video

Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Development

EDUC 140 Unit 3 Metacognition & Self-Regulation


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