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1.Big Data and the Internet of Things Drive Precision Agriculture,” demonstrates how the effective use of data analytics can help employees and managers at all levels, in many different industries, make better decisions. Using Purdue’s University College of Agriculture as an example, discuss how you think this technology could help U. S. farmers. For example, how can this technology help farmers in your area or state who use underground aquifers to water their crops more efficiently?

Answer about in paragraph

2. Precision agriculture can most certainly help U.S. farmers by creating a strategic plan based on accurately collected data on fertilizer, crop yield, water sources, and more. Pennsylvania uses mainly groundwater as our water source throughout expansive land and farms, as well as for residents of rural areas. Precision agriculture can help farmers water crops more efficiently by analyzing how fertilizer effects underground drainage, as well as leaching soil, taking the water from damaged parts wastes multiple connecting resources.

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