bandolier cell phone purses target market

Choose a brand from the list below to research and develop a marketing plan. You should be able to find information from business media, such as The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Fortune, Advertising Age, or Forbes. Start with the recommended publications above. Other information may be obtained from the company’s website, and from the business section of daily newspapers. You may also look for the product in stores or visit the business for additional information. This is particularly helpful for understanding the competition, the pricing, and distribution strategies. Use multiple sources because some may be biased (for example, the company website probably avoids any negative information about the brand).

I expect three current articles (2018 – present), not including the company website, as background for your paper. If you are not sure about the meaning of the terms in the outline below, consult your textbook to make sure you understand what you are saying about the brand. Although many students start their searches with Wikipedia for background information, Wikipedia is NEVER appropriate as a citation in college level work.

The major part of the assignment will focus on what the company is or has been doing. Part four concludes with your recommendations to change something about the way the product should be marketed. The actual paper should be written in paragraphs, ie, not simply an outline with bullets. Go to if you need writing help, especially for an explanation of how to cite your sources using APA format. Papers will be automatically screened by when they are uploaded to the Dropbox,

The paper should cover:

II. Target Market

a. Describe the current target market(s) for the product. What segmentation variables are used to divide the market?

b. What type of targeting strategy is used? (undifferentiated, concentrated, differentiated)

c. Research additional information about this (these) target markets that would be helpful in improving the marketing mix. A business librarian may be useful in finding appropriate sources of information.


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