audit outline

outline 300-400 words pick one from one of topics.

Audit program objectives can consider the following:

  1. Management priorities
  2. Commercial and other business intentions
  3. Characteristics of processes, products, and projects and any changes to them
  4. Management system requirements
  5. Legal and contractual requirements and other requirements to which the organization is committed
  6. Need for supplier evaluation
  7. Needs and expectations of interested parties, including customers
  8. Auditee’s level of performance, as reflected in the occurrence of failures, incidents or customer complaints
  9. Risks to the auditee
  10. Results of previous audits
  11. Level of maturity of the management system being audited
  12. Auditing organization risks

Examples of audit program objectives include:

  1. To contribute to the improvement of a management system and its performance
  2. To fulfill external requirements, e.g., certification to a management system standard
  3. To verify conformity with contractual requirements
  4. To obtain and maintain confidence in the capability of a supplier
  5. To determine the effectiveness of the management system
  6. To contribute to the identification of risks to the organization and verification of risk treatment actions
  7. To implement an eAudit program to reduce costs

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