Assignment DetailsReview the scenario, and read the article that follows.Scenario: A woman was found dead in the alley across from the gas station on the corner of Fifth and Elm. Sally was working the

Assignment Details

Review the scenario, and read the article that follows.

Scenario: A woman was found dead in the alley across from the gas station on the corner of Fifth and Elm. Sally was working the night shift at the gas station that night—her fourth in a row. Sally liked her job because it afforded her time to work on her homework, but there was little time for sleep. 

On the night of the murder, at about 3 a.m., Sally thought she saw a tall man, dressed in dark clothing, pacing up and down the block. Sally couldn’t tell if the man wore a hat or if he was wearing a hood. Fifteen minutes later, there was a rush of customers at the gas station; three men and two women. Sally suspected the men were drunk and in their 20s. The women both had long hair and wore heavily applied makeup. When all of the customers left, Sally did not see the man who had been pacing, but she assumed he had been part of the group. Over the next 3 hours, three or four more women and six or seven men came in, all dressed as if they’d come from a club.

Two days later, Sally was called in to the police station after her shift to give her report of what happened on the night of the murder. The police detective showed her a picture of the victim, who looked like one of the two women who had been in the gas station that night. The detective also showed her a photo lineup of men and asked if she had seen any of them. Sally was able to identify two men from the photos—one tall and one short. The detective suggested, by pointing to the taller of the two men, that he might be the one she saw across the street. In the photo, the tall man was wearing a hood. 

Read this article related to eye-witness testimony 

  1. Find at least 1 additional and current (2013 or later) credible source related to the topic. 
  2. Summarize the findings of the 2 articles as they relate to the scenario, including the following: 
    • Factors that could have affected Sally’s memory of the events 
    • The do’s and don’ts for law enforcement while interviewing Sally 
    • The do’s and don’ts for lawyers when they question Sally on the stand 
  3. Your advice must connect to concepts and theories about memory (e.g., interference theory, misinformation effect, leading questions).

Follow these guidelines for your paper:

  • Utilize at least 1 additional credible source to support the arguments presented in the paper. Make sure you cite it and the required article appropriately within your paper and list the references in APA format on your Reference page. 
  • Be sure you use vocabulary and concepts from your required readings.

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