assignment 4 348 1

1)Please explain Four Fast Paths to an Assured IoT Payback Finding workers IoT Careers.

2) CASE: PepsiCo

“Take PepsiCo, for example. As one of the leading soft drink makers and bottlers, PepsiCo turned to IoT for the most basic of reasons and found an efficient solution. Like many enterprises, the company had inefficient and ineffective IT and OT infrastructure, as well as limited IT and OT resources available inside its plants. It also suffered from server sprawl, where each server supported a very small portion of the production load. PepsiCo essentially incurred high costs to purchase and support an ever-expanding infrastructure of underutilized servers, operating systems, and networking assets. The resulted: highly inefficient use of capital—at a minimum. Even worse, its inefficient network hindered the collection of data that would ordinarily drive plant productivity.”

What were the paybacks to PepsiCo after implementing IoT?

Note: Minimum 3 to 4 pages(except cover and reference page). APA format.


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