assignment 3 176

Do the questions in the docement. Here are the instructions:

Exam Instructions:

  • GENERAL: This is a take home exam. You will have access to a wide range of resources to complete the exam (see below). Your exam answers should reflect that by being as comprehensive, carefully considered, and polished as possible. You don’t need to write a novel, but I do need to see evidence of critical thinking and consideration of all potential legal issues, as well as reasonable effort in general. This includes proofreading—please do not submit sloppy exams. You need to leave yourself time to carefully proofread to ensure you submit a professional document.
  • EXAM ANSWERS: Answer the exam questions in a SEPARATE Word document. Be sure to put your name on the document and number your answers clearly.
  • ALLOWED RESOURCES: You may use any resources in Canvas, any class notes, any books, and any information online to complete your exam. Any sources other than course material must be cited, and quotation marks MUST be used for any direct quotes. You do not need to use any formal citation format; you just need to give me a URL or book title if you use anything outside of class material. However, all exam answers must be in your own words. Any hint of plagiarism will not be tolerated—this includes paraphrasing without attribution.
  • WORKING WITH OTHERS: I do not mind if you discuss the exam with classmates or share research. However, ALL STUDENTS MUST SUBMIT THEIR OWN ANSWERS TO EACH EXAM QUESTION. EVERY SINGLE WORD ON YOUR EXAM MUST BE YOUR OWN, with the exception of properly quoted and cited sources. This means you MAY NOT copy and paste exam answers from another student, and you MAY NOT divide up the questions and then share answers after changing a few words around. To repeat, YOU MUST DO YOUR OWN WORK FOR EACH EXAM QUESTION.
  • TO BE CLEAR: You have access to a wide range of material for this exam. There are only two major restrictions on this exam: first, cite source material, and second, write your own answers. Both rules come down to one principle: DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. Not only is the exam being submitted using TurnItIn, I can 100% guarantee you that if you break these rules, I will know. I promise you I’ve read anything you’ll find online relating to the course material. I promise you that if you use each other’s exam answers, no matter how many words you change around, I will know. I want everyone to succeed on this exam and in this course, but academic dishonesty will result in an automatic F on this exam and will be reported to the Dean of Student Services per University policy.

You may also collaborate with classmates SUBJECT TO THE RULES BELOW.


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