argument analysis 9

PART ONE: Argument Analysis Worksheet

The Argument Analysis Worksheet is a fillable PDF designed to help us organize and analyze our source information and thoughts for Essay Four. It will also serve as pre-writing for the outline due next Sunday.

Organizing information is one way to think through information, so it’s an effective critical activity that can help us see more deeply into the matters we’re writing about.

      • Simply reading information multiple times gets our brains working on “the problem.”
      • The process of selecting information to include helps us question and clarify what’s most relevant and important.
      • The process of placing information on a page helps us examine and establish the relationships between ideas.
      • Once completed, the Argument Analysis “storyboard” can be studied and analyzed. Ideas that have migrated from their original contexts onto your storyboard, will start to speak to each other, sometimes in unanticipated ways. This is where analysis evolves into synthesis or the creation of new ideas.


      • Download the fillable PDF, above, complete it, and submit it here with your quick-write and Works Cited page.
      • If you’d prefer to complete the information on another kind of document, that’s okay. Please number and group the information as it’s numbered and grouped on the attachment, so it’s easy for me and your peer reviewer to follow along.

PART TWO: One Paragraph Quick-Write Argument

After you complete your Argument Analysis Worksheet, write a logical one-paragraph argument in which you –

      • State your draft main claim.
      • Defend your main claim with two pieces of evidence that support the main claim. Properly embed this evidence with signal phrases, explanation, and in-text citations.
      • Provide a counterargument with in-text citations and rebuttal.
      • Share what should change as a result of your argument. What is different? Based on your argument, propose a change in understanding or action for change.

PART THREE: MLA Formatted Works Cited Page

Submit an MLA-formatted Works Cited page for the sources you’ve found for Essay Four so far. Follow the formatting you’ll find, below.


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