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25.3 After listening to “Creative Differences: The Benefits of Reaching out to People Unlike Ourselves (Links to an external site.),” respond to the following:

  1. To summarize this piece requires a basic outline that allows you to identify the separate segments and recognize the connective thread: write a one-sentence summary of each segment and state the thread that connects the segments.
  2. How did you find the thread or thesis? (Pay attention to what is asked before the first segment) How does each segment demonstrate the thesis?
  3. In addition to taking notes, how can you listen to the voices presented in an effort to interpret meaning and find connections within your life?
  4. Share an experience you had when you listened to someone with a very different perspective and what you learned.
  5. Share an experience where your opinion was shifted significantly as a result of becoming exposed to and open to a new perspective.
  6. Ask your peers from class one question about “Creative Differences” or the larger topic of listening to voices beyond your community, and answer one of the questions a peer asked.

26.2 After listening to “Slanguage,” (Links to an external site.) respond to each of the following:

  1. Shankar raises the question of the overlap between clear thinking and clear writing and how these relate to the teaching of writing. What is he asking, what is the answer he is given, and what is your opinion?
  2. Discuss what was said about errors in language use and how language use can be connected to judgement. After summarizing the discussion, offer your response.
  3. Read your peers’ responses to question 2, and provide a considered response to one of your peers’ responses.

27.2 No unread replies.No replies.

  1. Post your one-sentence answer to the question (What intentional shifts were made to communicate across spaces?).
  2. Explain how you came us with the answer.
  3. Read your peers’ answers, and provide feedback on three.

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