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This week, as mentioned during Module 1, you will submit your outline and selected scholarly/practical credible resources (5-7) that you plan to include in your final Portfolio Project. You need to include a one-page outline, which includes headings and subheadings, as well as properly formatted APA references. Note that the Portfolio Project requires a minimum of seven references – at least four of these reference should be cited and reference for this milestone outline.

Portfolio milestone:

For your final Portfolio Project, pretend that you have been hired to write a Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Plan for an organization. The organization has multiple locations within a state or states and only has an in-house infrastructure setup. No Cloud-based services for this organization are used.

Using the material from Chapter 8 of the textbook, build a complete Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Plan for this fictitious organization. Write a paper that contains and describes the complete Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Plan components and offers a detailed explanation of each component of the plan. Provide information on the process flow, when a disaster happens, and individuals and actions required to occur within the organization. The disaster type is your choice, though it must have an impact on more than one component of the plan.


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