annotated bibliography 850

Annotate a minimum of five (5) sources that you plan to use in writing your proposal. Each source must be listed with an APA style citation and in alphabetical order. Below each source will be the annotation, which should consist of two (2) paragraphs: the first paragraph should summarize the source, and the second paragraph should assess the source and persuade the reader that the source is appropriate, relevant, and useful.

Note: paragraphs should be at least five to eight (5-8) sentences long.

Be sure your Persuasive Annotated Bibliography meets the following requirements:

  • Five (5) credible sources (that are appropriate for the topic, scholarly, and timely) are annotated
  • There are no page length requirements; HOWEVER, a thorough annotation should include two (2) paragraphs: a summary paragraph and a persuasive assessment paragraph
  • Use the template provided to you above, which is formatted as so:
    • Times New Roman, 12-point fond
    • 1-inch margins, double spaced
    • APA style title page
    • APA style headers and page numbers (which should be on every page)
    • Bold the bibliographic information (but not the annotations)
  • Follow correct APA style for the source citations and alphabetize references
  • Critical thinking is clearly apparent
  • Make sure assignment is well written: good grammar, good sentence structure, correct spelling

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