acct 2010 homework watch a vedio and wrtting

Using the short videos below, or the information provided on Pages 25-27 of the textbook including Illustration 1-14 on P. 27, and/or speaking with someone in the accounting profession, briefly discuss three or more different types of careers you can have with an accounting degree. Then select one hobby you’re interested in and explain how accounting is used in that area and how you could use an accounting degree to either find a job in that area or to create a job you want in that area.

The memo should be 4 paragraphs (one paragraph for each of three different accounting jobs and one paragraph for how you could use accounting in a hobby) of approximately 1-2 pages single spaced and should be uploaded through this canvas module using the canvas “submit assignment” button in the upper right of this page.

following questions, and watch vedio,and write a papper


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