250 words essay 045

Your discussion board post should be about 250 words in length and include a brief summary of the readings along with an analysis of the texts and an attempt to apply the reading to the student’s life. These entries present an opportunity to engage with the content of the reading but also to experiment with one’s writing. Entries will be evaluated by 1) timely submission, 2) evidence of reading completion, 3) attempt for an application, and 4) attempt for analysis of reading.

One of the readings inside that folder is required and then you are asked to pick on of the non-required readings. In total, you will read and write about two separate readings/sources. here are selected readings for the module. You are asked to write about one required reading (listed below) plus one additional reading of your choice (from the ones included in the folder). Two readings in total: one required and the second of your choice.

two artciles:

– “Write it down”: Historian Suggests Keeping a Record of Life During Pandemic (Bromley, 2020)




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