20 reading journals

There are a total of 20 articles in the zip files. For each article, you should write at least two sentences answering the following questions:

1. The main argument of the reading. (What is the author saying?)

2. The impact or importance of this argument. (Why should we care?)

3. The relationship of this piece to other readings for the week or the course as a whole. (How does it fit?)

4. What quotation from this piece sums up its contribution/impact most succinctly? (Give the quote and page number. Explain why you selected this quotation.)

5. How do you feel about the reading? (Was it compelling? Was it intelligible?)

Please keeps the question/answer number format the same and respond under the questions. You can combine all 20 reading journals into one word document and separate them with page breaks. Please be sure to add the title of each reading at the top of each journal.

This assignment will be turned in on turnitin.com so please remember to summarize the readings in your own voice by paraphrasing the author’s key points using citations (i.e., author last name, year of publication, and page numbers).


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